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Our Ocean Commitment


Blue Ocean Stories

Our company has created a non profit association - "Blue Ocean Stories Association" to raise funds and to support specific protective projects around the world. We focus on small local projects rather than big research organisations. We believe in the importance of small steps. Our own personal experience from travelling the world has shown that educating the local population on how to look after their ocean, although it seems so little at first, will bring long term benefits.


The ocean is the source of life and wellbeing. It represents the future and it is in our interest to protect it. Small actions, such as placing floating buoys to outline the areas of precious coral reefs and supporting the prohibition of dynamite fishing, will result in the protection of endangered aquatic species and underwater eco-systems.


These measures require financial efforts, most of the local inhabitants cannot afford. Our funding will support local educational projects and provide the necessary funds to put into action protective measures.

Anemone fish
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