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Our Story

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Li Lé Blue founders are devoted divers and sailors. From personal experience they understand the needs and challenges faced when it comes to effective and enviromentally safe cosmetics in watersports.  

Photo by Jamie Morrison

Science Meets Passion

Li Lé Blue products are the result of the scientific understanding of cosmetic chemistry, as represented by the doctor on board, and the practical, hands on experience of the diving instructor, understanding the requirements our products must meet.

The science comes from many years of medical experience, the continuous review of clinical and scientific information, which has made it  easy for our team to use medical research results when it comes to the choice of the active ingredients for our products.

The passion was born from years spent above and below the water surface. As an ardent diver, our co-founder has the ability to name the problems at hand, to raise questions leading to the optimal design of our products and finally to critically experiment the effectiveness of our own products on herself.


The Philosophy of our brand is kept simple. Our products are natural, our ingredients transparent: plant oils and extracts, minerals and vitamines of common knowledge. We have studied the science behind our ingredients carefully and only the best raw materials make it into our mix.

We want our clients to be able to read and understand our ingredient list. The careful and environmentally conscious choice of ingredients which will eventually enter the oceanic eco-system, is making our products not only appealing to the customer but truly safe for the one ocean we must protect. 


Sustainability, the choice of natural and recycled materials with emphasis on local sourcing and production, is part of our commitment. 

We are ecologically conscious when it comes to packaging.  We use natural materials, preferably recycled and of sustainable source with minimum impact on our environment. We try to avoid plastic, if unavoidable, we choose recycled and recyclable. Our products are truly made in Europe.

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